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Chimney Installation

Do you want to install an open fire or a stove in your new extension? Then have the chimney experts install your new chimney. We take the stress out of installing a home heating solution like a stove in a newly built extension. We can install the most modern chimneys available. Our extensive service covers chimney pipe installation and all exterior work. We specialise in installing the ANKI chimney system. This modern system is lightweight and can be installed extremely quickly; which allows our customers to enjoy their new home heating solution in no time.
After fire damage or damage caused by extreme weather conditions, Irish Chimney Specialists can completely rebuild your chimney. We take care of everything from the inner lining to the exterior brickwork.

Do you need a chimney installed? Then get in contact with Irish Chimney Specialists today.

ANKI Chimney System

The ANKI chimney system is a durable and lightweight chimney system that can be installed quickly and efficiently by Irish Chimney Specialists’s team of tradesmen.
ANKI chimneys are exceptionally well insulated and are suitable for all types of home heating solutions. They are ideally suited to withstand the extreme heat of stoves, open fires and boilers. They’re built for all types of solid fuel and their sleek, lightweight design means they’re easily installed in all types of properties.

Do you need to have the ANKI Chimney System installed in your property? Then get in contact with Irish Chimney Specialists today.

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