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Chimney Fire Damage Insurance

Did you know that most chimney fires are invisible? Despite their invisibility, chimney fires can be deadly. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, a substance called creosote can build up in your chimney flue and alight, causing dangerous cracks, leaks, and damage to your chimney over time. This damage can be devastating, leading to full-blown house fires or even carbon monoxide poisoning for the inhabitants of the house.
If you’ve experienced a chimney fire, or think that your chimney may have experienced one of these “invisible” chimney fires, Irish Chimney Specialists can help.
Irish Chimney Specialists are experts when it comes to the reporting and repair of chimney fire damage for insurance claims. We offer a reliable, professional and HETAS accredited surveying and reporting service for your home after a chimney fire. Our comprehensive service includes a camera survey to assess the internal damage of your chimney, as well as an external inspection where we will assess the outer damage of your chimney from your roof and attic. All structures and parts of your chimney will be assessed internally and externally, from the flue to the stack and cap, to ensure that we cover everything and can get a wide idea of the total damage caused by the fire. From this we can write up a detailed insurance report explaining the extent damage caused by the chimney fire, and offer a transparent and honest quote to your insurance provider when filing a claim.

If you’ve been affected by a chimney fire and need help filing an insurance claim, call us now.

Chimney Fire Repairs

As well as offering a comprehensive insurance surveying service for chimney fire damage, the team at Irish Chimney Specialists are skilled workmen when it comes to chimney fire repairs. Following a chimney fire, your chimney could be left dangerously cracked and could need relining or a total rebuild.
Our highly skilled team are experienced in clay and steel chimney relining services, and can also offer full chimney demolition and rebuilding services if needed. These repair services will focus on the interior and exterior of your chimney, fixing both the functionality and aesthetic properties of your home’s chimney. Our team are experts when it comes to the aesthetic rebuilding of your chimney, closely matching brickwork and historic structuring to ensure that the overall look of your property isn’t ruined by a chimney fire.

Call now for more information about our chimney fire repair services.

Chimney Fire Damage Insurance FAQ

Does insurance cover chimney fires?

Yes, most insurance policies cover accidental chimney fires. Irish Chimney Specialists offers full insurance surveying and reporting after a chimney fire to help you claim money from your insurance company.

How much does it cost to repair a chimney after a fire?

The cost of repairing a chimney after a fire varies depending on the scale of damage caused. Irish Chimney Specialists offers full insurance reporting and repair services following a chimney fire.

What are the signs of a chimney fire?

While some chimney fires can spit flames from the chimney and be very obvious, others are invisible. If your chimney is depositing large amounts of creosote or your roof has become damaged, distorted or discoloured, it could be a sign that you’ve had a chimney fire. Irish Chimney Specialists can inspect your chimney and offer advice and repairs on all chimney fire damage.

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